Possibility of an Island


To Thomas More, his Utopia existed only in his own mind. His dream of an ideal society never took concrete form. But how does one give an ideal form? This was a huge challenge for the EUtopia project. How can a utopia still be fruitful for architecture today? How do we construct the ideal city and thus the ideal society?

Five teams of leading Belgian architects and artists have developed their own Utopia: EUtopia. It is an island, but made of paper. Indeed, More’s ideal world only ever existed on paper. But EUtopia is 100% inspired by Thomas More’s Utopia . It also explores the relationship between borders and identity and opens a debate on surveillance and privacy in public space, and shows the seductive power of collectivism. This ‘paper architecture’ gives free rein to designers, and the results are staggering. Welcome to EUtopia!

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